"Power has made a show about his mother’s illness that is respectful, dignified and enlightening."


Three Weeks






"This show is the most insightful mental health piece I’ve seen... Mental is a rich, thorough study of bipolar and caring; a love letter to a mother."


Everything Theatre



"The audience can leave enriched; we have been offered a valuable education, as well as an immersion in the work of an exceptional creative talent."


A Younger Theatre






"This heart-wrenching story both educates and entertains,

leaving you more aware of the world around you."


The Edge



"Deeply Moving"


Spy in the Stalls






"Mental is one of those shows that sticks with you long after you’ve left the theatre. Informative, heart-breaking and expertly crafted, Mental gives you an insight into one of the most misunderstood mental illnesses, and Kane Power pulls it off with a stunning solo performance."



The 730 Review




"Such craft and illumination deserves a big audience. Go see it."


View from the Cheap Seat.



"It uses plain language, extraordinary sound effects and music to explore his mother’s condition. The most moving show on the fringe."


Oh My Nottz






"Tightly scripted and smartly performed."


The Stage






"Can't recommend it enough"

Emma Bailey, Centre for Mental Health.